ODT Fun Activities

 The key to most successful organizations are high performing teams.

"Team building refers to a wide range of activities designed for improving team performance.Team building is pursued via a variety of practices, and can range from simple bonding exercises to complex simulations and multi-day team building retreats designed to develop a team, including group assessment and group-dynamic games" (wikipedia)

Team Adventures design a focusing on topics that develop your people and help you stay ahead of your competition.

People in every workplace talk about building the team, working as a team, and my team, but few understand how to create the experience of team work or how to develop an effective team. Belonging to a team, in the broadest sense, is a result of feeling part of something larger than yourself. It has a lot to do with your understanding of the mission or objectives of your organization.

Team building is an important factor in any environment, its focus is to specialize in bringing out the best in a team to ensure self development, positive communication, leadership skills and the ability to work closely together as a team to problem solve.

The exercises are designed to fit the group's size. The facilitators might switch exercises During the activity to better fitting the condition and mood of the group.


O.D.T means Out Door Training (odt)

some games Exp:

Ice Breakers – rope circle – in groups – the group members stand in a circle balancing themselves using a rope.

Ice Breaker – The Bulldozer - each group needs to get from one point to the other using a large fabric sleeve. (Requires teamwork and communication between group members.)

Spider web – each group needs to transfer all of the members through a spider-web in a particular order. Teamwork and preplanning is a key factor for the success of the exercise.

The Pipers – Using pipes, the team has to transport marbles for one place to another.

The Three Monkeys – A fun and challenging exercise, where part of the team can't see, part can hear and part can't speak.

Magic Carpet – The team needs to turnover a carpet while standing on top of it.

"Crossing the Swamp" and many amny more


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