The finest cuisine become a work of art in front of your very eyes, on a balcony with a perfect Tuscany landscape. 

privet interactive cooking workshop. wide range of kitchens for your choice

coocking workshop

Looking for Cooking ?

Cooking Workshop with a professional Chef is a great way to meet and learn.  We offer experiential workshops and activities for groups that like to enjoy together a little bit different...


For groups only !

You are invited to experience with our chef's workshops: "Israeli cooking workshop", "Team cooking classes", "Italian cooking classes", "Indian cooking classes", "Vegetarian cooking - you name it!

If you love to cook and want to know more about Israel - Our Cooking Training program are just for you.


private place for special events. 

 see more of our Workshops variety of cuisines from the world cooking workshops



sample menu

Israeli grilled gourmet cooking workshop


Grilled kebabs with mixed spices and mutton fat

Basmati rice with herbs and sunflower seeds

Trimiso candied fruit

Grilled sirloin rolls

Grilled potatoes and roasted root vegetables

Lettuce Trio citrus vinaigrette

Grilled chicken breast with curry and coconut milk

Green beans with roasted chestnuts

Israeli Tomato Salad


A variety of menus are available

  see more of our Workshops variety of cuisines from the world cooking workshops 









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